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General Questions

Do you only host artist type sites?
No. As you can see from our client list we also host various other types of sites. Though we gear our services for the independent artist we do host other sites that can use our services.

Am I allowed to sell items on my site?
As long as you own the rights (or have permission) to sell the products / artwork. However we currently do not offer SSL (Secure Server) due to the cost.

What am I not allowed to put on my site?
We do not regularly monitor the content on the sites we host. We believe in freedom of speech. However we ask you be discreet with questionable material. If we find your site is drawing a lot of server resources (due to high traffic etc) or we receive complaints then actions will be taken.

What form of payment do you accept?
We prefer PayPal subscriptions as our main form of payment for monthly hosting. If you wish to pay by US Check then you must pay in 6 or 12 month increments only.

How do I get a domain name?
We recommend using godaddy.com to purchase a domain name. Though any domain registar will do fine. You will need to point your domain to our Name Servers (DNS) in order for your domain to work with our server.

How do I get more bandwidth?
If you feel you will need more bandwidth then you can contact us and we can arrange that. It will be $5 more a month per 25gigs more bandwidth.

How do I upload my website?
You will need to get an FTP program to upload site content. You can go to download.com and search for an FTP application that fits your needs. We recommend WS-FTP (for Windows) or Transmit (for Mac).

Can you make my site for me?
We do offer limited site design services. For a 5 page information site prices start at $500. For more complex sites an estimate will need to be made. Some example's of site we designed and host are: Yoga by Extension, Reel On, Dream Betty, Chris Wright, Apex Media Productions and Bill Sound. If you are interested in having us design your site please use the contact page.
  Glossary of Terms

Storage Space (MB)
Storage space is the amount of room you have to put files online. An average 5 page website is usually less then 1 MB.

Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
Data transfer is a limit of how much data your site is allowed to transfer in a month. This is where the real cost of hosting comes from. For example the 5 page site mentioned above, being 1 MB, can be fully viewed 1000 times in a month if the Date Transfer was 1 GB.

Email Accounts
This is the amount of user accounts you are allowed for a given package. A user would be something like bob@yourdomain.com. There is also a catch-all user account. This account will receive emails not addressed to a user (anyone@yourdomain.com).

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
FTP is the means to transfer files from your computer to the server hosting your site. This usually entails using an FTP program. FTP programs can be downloaded for free from various sites.

DNS (Domain Name Server)
A DNS handles domains. When you buy a domain you need to point it to a DNS. A domain is nothing but an easy reference to and IP address, which is the real location of a site.

IP (Internet Protocol)
IP addresses are just like your house address it is your number on the internet. Every computer that accesses the internet has an IP address. This is how files know where to go when requested. As such our server has an IP address as well. It also has a program that tells the domains which folder to access to view your files.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
HTML is the main format that webpages are built with. It is a markup language meaning it is used within normal text. To make text bold you you mark it up with <b>Text</b>.

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)
PHP is a scripting language that, similar to HTML, is included in webpage design. But what makes PHP different is it is processed on the server side (instead of the client side like HTML and JavaScript). This allows for more complex code to be calculated offering custom content etc.

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